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Matt Waugh

Matt is our Creative Director, IT Man and Second IC for events. 
He Is a Videographer by trade and is also studying to become a Personal Trainer.
With a lot of experience behind him he creates our promo videos and helps out with any technical areas we have.
He likes to help raise the bar for our events every time with new ideas.
Matt also helps design immersive environments in our events so customers get lost in the world we have created.
When it comes down to it Matt helps our events reach thier potential

Rory Foley 

He is the brains behind everything, he designs the sets, he makes the music, he directs the actors, he buys all the costumes from his own personal savings.
He's considered the horror mastermind of New Zealand and has been asked to help in USA but stays in New Zealand because he wants to make a difference here.
He's an interesting guy! TV 1 good sorts, Kiwi bank local hero, TV1 This Town, TV3 Story, Dunedin TV, Seven Sharp and is soon to receive the Queens Service Medal.
You will not see him when he acts in the events (very dark space) the reason he does this is to watch the customers and make sure his actors are safe. 
If he's not acting or building events he runs Two farms and a events company (weddings and promotions) 
Spends spare time cooking (amazing cook!) and paragliding.
He helps charities all over New Zealand and is a all round good sort!

Iona Youngs 

Iona, is our head actor and costume designer. She is a full time Uni student studying her Batchelor of performance and screen art at Unitec in Auckland. 
She is constantly traveling to our events to ensure they are at the best and highest standard they can be. 
She deals with all our volunteer actors making sure they are cast, in costumes, in the right place at the right time and know what they are doing.  
She keeps our crew together and gets the job done

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